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Thames Wings and Wheels

Thames Wings and Wheels is organised by a group of car and plane enthusiasts, in association with the Thames Vintage and Classic Car Club and Hauraki Aero Club, and in partnership with the Thames Business Association. 

The event has been running since 2019, and is growing bigger and bigger each year! 


Our VISION is a vibrant and strong business community that collaborates successfully, is connected to opportunities, shares knowledge and is well supported by its local community.

And our PURPOSE is to develop a cohesive business community to drive positive social and economic outcomes.

Our long-term goal is to build TBA so it represents the majority of businesses in Thames/Kopu and enables them to “speak with one voice”; and to advocate effectively for their interests and success – and to be an association that builds strong and productive partnerships with its stakeholders.

OUR MEMBERS are businesses and commercially rated property owners located within the Thames Community Board area.

To join us, visit

Thames Business Association

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Thames Vintage and Classic Car Club

We are a group of Vintage and Classic car enthusiasts who enjoy our cars, get-togethers and outings. We have regular trips away exploring historic and interesting places.
We have two monthly rallies, the 1st Sunday and 3rd Wednesday of every month we meet and travel together.

We also assist organising and running Wings and Wheels each January with the Thames Business Association and the Hauraki Aero Club.

Membership is only $20 per year.

If you would like to join us, please contact:
Conveners: Frank and Julie Ward 
Frank: 0274 938 456

Julie: 021 924 664

The Hauraki Aero Club was formed in 1936 and is situated at the Sir Keith Park Memorial Airfield just 3 kms from Thames township on the Ngati Maru Highway 25.

We are away from the busy main airports and free from controlled airspace which can hinder progress. Trial flights and training are carried out from our Club airfield and over the surrounding Hauraki Plains. This provides an excellent environment in which to learn to fly.

Interested in aviation? Come and join us, for flying and a lot of fun!

Contact our Chief Flying Instructor Cliff McChesney 0274 805 454 and make a time to look over our training aircraft, talk about flight training and take a trial flight to see how much fun it is. 

Trial flights cost approx. $100 for 30 mins*.

*Prices subject to change at any time.

Contact us for more information:

Membership and general enquiries:

Flying enquiries:

Accounts enquiries:     

Administration enquiries:

Hauraki Aero Club

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